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Stories from Siam

An initiative between the Thai Consulate General and CSMVS aims to acquaint Mumbaikars with the country's cuisine and culture at a two-day festival The year was 2011 and for most Indians, Asian food hardly went beyond the set choice between chilli chicken and manchurian . In Kolkata, our hometown, Benjarong, a Thai fine-dining space, was, at the time, a glorious hit among foodies for it allowed their imagination to run wild with exquisite dishes on offer.

Philly's surging Lao power finds flavorful new home in Kensington

There's been a fragrant wave of new Lao restaurants in recent months, with not one but three new BYOBs opening across Philadelphia with variations of warm beef jerky, chili-laced coconut stews, and crunchy green papaya salads that radiate with the tang of funky spice. And it feels like a recent development for a city whose population of Lao chefs has largely been relegated to cooking the more familiar - and perhaps less potent - flavors of Americanized Thai food.

Han Lao, St. Louis' First Laotian Restaurant, Is Now Open in Brentwood

The first restaurant offering Laotian style cuisine has opened in St. Louis. Han Lao , now open in Brentwood, offers both Laotian and Thai cuisine.

It is Norwich's smallest pub - but what is its food like?

It is said to be the smallest pub in Norwich, known in equal measure for its Thai food and good beer. Lauren Cope visited the Vine Thai.

Food News: New Thai restaurant for Oxford, half price Raymond Blanc dinners and turkey pizza

Giggling Squid Oxford is coming soon to the old Loch Fyne site in Walton Street before branching out all over the country. The original restaurant was set up in a tiny fisherman's cottage in Brighton way back in 2002 with a Thai Tapas menu.

Koreans find another trick up Thai cooks' sleeves - khao kluk kapi

Thailand last week gave South Koreans a chance to sample khao kluk kapi - rice with shrimp paste - at the Asean Culinary Festival, held in Seoul and hosted by the Asean-Korea Centre. A favourite among Thais because of its robust taste, the dish is typically served with an array of accompaniments such as sliced cucumber, sliced shala lot, purple onion, fried shrimp, sour mango, chillies, thinly-sliced omelette, sweetened roasted pork and Chinese sausage.

Aroi Thai Food dishes many lesser-seen or new-to-Springs items

Really, it's just the familiar, mildly sweet and not-too-spicy curry, sparingly sauced with ample white rice so as not to overwhelm a thick flour tortilla. Glad to have done it once, probably won't do it again.

Long ago, Rick fantasized about a unique place of his own, a place that would become famous for its exotic beauty, its warm, friendly atmosphere, and its marvelous tastes. He dreamed that a combination of his creations and outstanding service would make such a lasting impression that people would return again and again to enjoy its pleasures. In 1999, Rick took the first step toward making his fantasy a reality by founding Neisha Thai Cuisine. Nothing is more precious to him and his wife, Pui, than the beautiful young lady that will forever capture their hearts. Therefore, Rick named his fantasy world after their daughter, Neisha. In Thai, the word "Neisha" means "independence," "individualism," and "uniqueness," which are the qualities that characterize precious gems. The theme of Neisha Thai Cuisine is "The Cave of Gems" which symbolized Rick's home of origin, Thailand. The marvelous tastes of Neisha Thai Cuisine are enhanced by the exquisite reflections of the Thai gems for which Thailand is famous. Rick and his entire staff hope that you will enjoy the marvelous tastes and unique creations of Thailand as a recurring honored guest in the exotic, flavorful world of Neisha Thai Cuisine.
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