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Restaurant Moon review

The inner suburban Thai restaurant menu is tattooed on our foreheads. We already know what's on it - betel leaf appetisers, green curries, tom yum soups, pad Thai noodles.

Mom's Siam Might Be One of Richmond's Best-kept Bar Secrets

Mom's Siam in Carytown has long been known in Richmond for its delectable Thai food. Owner Sukanya Palaart and the venerable Kiatsuranon family have a hammer lock on Richmond's Thai dining scene, with family members owning all or at least part of Sabai, Pik Nik, My Noodle and Bar, YaYas Cookbook, Mom's Siam and Mom's Siam 2. With its proximity to my front door, it's my go-to.

Where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in Los Angeles

Just two Los Angeles Metro Rail stops from the grungy glitter of the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a whole different world - Thai, American and Angeleno. The neighborhood of Thai Town is buoyed by L.A. County's Thai population, the largest in the country, a group big and hungry enough to sustain regionally specific cooking.

Get wet at the first Thai New Year Water Festival

The problem with celebrating Songkran, the Thai New Year, in Chicago is that it's too cold for a water fight in mid-April. One of the popular features of Songkran in Bangkok originated as a ceremony offering blessings to your elders by anointing their hands with scented water, but the custom's evolved into a friendly no-holds-barred mass water fight, a euphoric respite from the withering heat that essentially takes over the city this time of year.

Quick Cook: Chicken Skewers with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Right out of college, back in 1982, Thai food was gaining momentum in the U.S. I remember working out hard, so I could pig out on delicious chicken satays with spicy peanut sauce at Chicago's Star of Siam. This recipe is my ode to that chicken satay.

Southern Thai food is on the map in Beaumont at Thai Air Cuisine

Set in a small strip mall between Seventh and Eighth streets on Beaumont Avenue in Beaumont, the small Thai Air Cuisine serves well-prepared food inspired primarily by the tastes from central Thailand - in generous portions. Owner and chef "Air" hails from southern Thailand.

At Bo Tai, Zorawar Kalra's latest, Thai cuisine gets a modern makeover

Thai cuisine, despite its many takers, has largely been relegated to bright hued curries and at the periphery of pan-Asian menus. Even when interest in the cuisine spiked and menus began to include the likes of Tom Yum, Larb, Pad Thai and Som Tam, it rarely found itself in the spotlight or as the subject of an earnest culinary experience in India.

Long ago, Rick fantasized about a unique place of his own, a place that would become famous for its exotic beauty, its warm, friendly atmosphere, and its marvelous tastes. He dreamed that a combination of his creations and outstanding service would make such a lasting impression that people would return again and again to enjoy its pleasures. In 1999, Rick took the first step toward making his fantasy a reality by founding Neisha Thai Cuisine. Nothing is more precious to him and his wife, Pui, than the beautiful young lady that will forever capture their hearts. Therefore, Rick named his fantasy world after their daughter, Neisha. In Thai, the word "Neisha" means "independence," "individualism," and "uniqueness," which are the qualities that characterize precious gems. The theme of Neisha Thai Cuisine is "The Cave of Gems" which symbolized Rick's home of origin, Thailand. The marvelous tastes of Neisha Thai Cuisine are enhanced by the exquisite reflections of the Thai gems for which Thailand is famous. Rick and his entire staff hope that you will enjoy the marvelous tastes and unique creations of Thailand as a recurring honored guest in the exotic, flavorful world of Neisha Thai Cuisine.
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