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'An authentic family affair': Giggling Squid reviewed

I didn't expect a mostly Thai staff to greet me on arrival at the new Giggling Squid, but it was created by Pranee Laurillard, who is Thai, and her husband Andy it clearly remains an authentic family affair. Pranee says: "My husband and I sat in the basement of a tiny, tiny fisherman's cottage way back in 2002 and pulled together our first Thai Tapas menu.

LA's Only Laotian Restaurant Serves Soulful Curry Noodles That Pack a Punch

Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia and sits at an interesting crossroads between Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, with the northern border touching Myanmar and China's Yunnan province. Lao food overlaps most with Thai cuisine, and customers will find dozens of ostensibly "Thai" dishes at Kop Jai Lai in Mission Hills, though they do serve many Lao variations, plus distinct dishes that people won't see at Thai restaurants in LA.

REVIEW: Sampling the delights of country pub's Thai menu

It's always a bustling atmosphere which greets us at the Potters Arms. Avid Thai food lovers, we decided to order a variety of our favourite dishes to compare with other Thai eateries and to try new dishes that are relatively unique to the Potters Arms.

Dining Out: Lose yourself in tastes and textures at Thai Paradise Updated at

I didn't know, until I got lost in the fugue of an Avocado Green Curry dish Saturday night, that it was the culinary equivalent of a reset button. My senses gave way, falling down a deep well of flavor.

Thai Every Day On State Street

September in Bangkok is the best time to get rice, one of the mainstays of Thai cuisine. Winyu "Win" Seetamyae hopes New Haveners will consider any time of the year "September in Bangkok" when they have a hankering for Thai food.

Sawasdee Thai Bistro's robust flavors and aromas are bound to please: Mimi's Picks

Komi Pan Asian restaurant closed this spring and recently reopened as the new Sawasdee Thai Cuisine . With the same owners and new name, Komi Pan Asian morphed from a multi-faceted Asian eatery representing the cooking of Thai, China and Korea to a specifically Thai restaurant.

I'm Thai Cuisine

A piece of grilled salmon forms the centerpiece for a dish called "The King and I," number 89 on I'm Thai Cuisine's extensive menu of colorful offerings, which include curries, noodle creations, fried rice and vegetarian plates. I'm Thai Cuisine introduces itself before you even get there.

Thai food flavours and recipes from Chef Heidi Fink

When we buy local vegetables, we often don't think of putting any kind of spin on them. They are so delicious on their own, they often need no enhancement.

Mai's Thai still delivers the flavor

Some of you young'uns may not believe this, but there was a time, not all that long ago, when there was not a single Thai restaurant in the Louisville area. We might have read about the stuff or even, if we were lucky, tasted it in trips to more sophisticated cities or to the Far East.

Long ago, Rick fantasized about a unique place of his own, a place that would become famous for its exotic beauty, its warm, friendly atmosphere, and its marvelous tastes. He dreamed that a combination of his creations and outstanding service would make such a lasting impression that people would return again and again to enjoy its pleasures. In 1999, Rick took the first step toward making his fantasy a reality by founding Neisha Thai Cuisine. Nothing is more precious to him and his wife, Pui, than the beautiful young lady that will forever capture their hearts. Therefore, Rick named his fantasy world after their daughter, Neisha. In Thai, the word "Neisha" means "independence," "individualism," and "uniqueness," which are the qualities that characterize precious gems. The theme of Neisha Thai Cuisine is "The Cave of Gems" which symbolized Rick's home of origin, Thailand. The marvelous tastes of Neisha Thai Cuisine are enhanced by the exquisite reflections of the Thai gems for which Thailand is famous. Rick and his entire staff hope that you will enjoy the marvelous tastes and unique creations of Thailand as a recurring honored guest in the exotic, flavorful world of Neisha Thai Cuisine.
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