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Salvador: Salathip, dining like royalty by the River of Kings

THAILAND. Salathip, home to a quintessential Thai dining experience by the River of Kings at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok one of three Thai-style golden teak pavilions.

The 25 best Thai food dishes in Orange County, ranked

The best Thai restaurant in Orange County? That's always a tough question. The easiest answer is Bangkok Avenue in Huntington Beach.

Perfect Pairings: Thai Phanaeng Curry and Dr. Loosen 2015 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Sp tlese

Appreciating Thai food with Riesling is like one, long, seamless thought. Which makes us wonder, in which bar and where in the world did a Thai meet a handsome German and what song was it they slow danced too I'd like to think it wasn't something by Ed Sheeran.

A Thai Chef Heads Home for a Challenge

It was close to 2 a.m., and Pim Techamuanvivit couldn't sleep. So, like a tenacious detective, she taped huge sheets of white paper to her hotel room wall and covered them in color-coded sticky notes, charting out her clues.

A new street food restaurant is opening at Intu Derby

The restaurant, which opens later this year, will be offering fast, casual Thai dining for those looking to grab lunch on the go . Visitors can expect a variety of traditional dishes including pad Thai, stir fry, salads and curries, as well as light bites such as chicken wings and spring rolls.

Long ago, Rick fantasized about a unique place of his own, a place that would become famous for its exotic beauty, its warm, friendly atmosphere, and its marvelous tastes. He dreamed that a combination of his creations and outstanding service would make such a lasting impression that people would return again and again to enjoy its pleasures. In 1999, Rick took the first step toward making his fantasy a reality by founding Neisha Thai Cuisine. Nothing is more precious to him and his wife, Pui, than the beautiful young lady that will forever capture their hearts. Therefore, Rick named his fantasy world after their daughter, Neisha. In Thai, the word "Neisha" means "independence," "individualism," and "uniqueness," which are the qualities that characterize precious gems. The theme of Neisha Thai Cuisine is "The Cave of Gems" which symbolized Rick's home of origin, Thailand. The marvelous tastes of Neisha Thai Cuisine are enhanced by the exquisite reflections of the Thai gems for which Thailand is famous. Rick and his entire staff hope that you will enjoy the marvelous tastes and unique creations of Thailand as a recurring honored guest in the exotic, flavorful world of Neisha Thai Cuisine.
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